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Moroccan products

Here are some places to find authentic Moroccan ingredients and kitchen tools outside of Morocco. This open list will continue to grow–suggestions are welcomed. Thanks to those who have offered their (neighborhood) favorites.


First for bread… that staple. The best Moroccan round bread in NYC — with soft insides that absorb sauce of a tagine… the (slightly chewy) crust firm enough to use as a utensil… — can be found at the Tanjawi Market, Steinway St, Astoria. Sublime!

Bram Cookware: The Sonoma, California, shop dedicated to clay cookware sells a wide range of terracotta cazuelas, from small sizes perfect for tapas to larger ones for braising and stewing.

Dean & DeLuca: For kitchen tools and cookware.

Fante’s Kitchen Wares Shop: Specialist cookware shop that sells every pot, pan, or tool needed in the kitchen, including couscoussiers and tagines.

Juliet Mae Spices & Herbs: look here for spices and blends, including ras al hanout. On-line and all over California.

Kalustyan’s: NYC emporium of spices and imported foodstuffs.

Mustapha’s Moroccan: A Seattle-based mail-order supplier of Moroccan goods, including their own line of spices and preserved lemons.

Sahadi’s: This Brooklyn store, specializing in Middle Eastern and North African products, carries various types of couscous, including Dari brand barley couscous.

Shamra: A Maryland-based supplier of imported foodstuff, including some Moroccan products.

Spice House: Look here for ras el hanout. Stores in Chicago, Evanston, IL, and Milwaukee.

Sur la Table: Excellent cookware and cookbook selection, with specialty and imported food items as well.

Whole Foods Market: An excellent grocery chain for fresh goods and some imported Mediterranean products. Lots of olives and often preserved lemons in bins.

Williams-Sonoma: A large and complete cookware store that carries couscoussiers and tagines.

Zamouri Spices: mail order place based in Kansas. Don’t let the name fool you–they sell more than spices!

Zingerman’s: Legendary Ann Arbor delicatessen and mail order emporium that sells hard to find imported products.

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