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August 15th, 2007

savor: Spain/ Barcelona

La Granada del Penedès, 25

The tortilla española is a cultural staple in Spain. It is eaten for breakfast, lunch, for merienda for kids when they get home from school, as a tapa, for dinner…. Simple, cheap, tasty. The classic has just four ingredients – potato, egg, salt, oil. But it is a dish given to endless varieties. In this hyper-stylish tortellería that opened in 1970, there are over 70 options, from basic (with, say, eggplant) to decadent (cheese and truffles) to complicated (Basque style with roasted red peepers and bacalao). They’re even to desert ones (with candied fruit and covered in a coffee sauce).
The decor: white leather booths and chairs and white walls with black murals of a Twiggy-like model taking photos.
Waiters: stiff and a bit overly formal – though many of them young – in buttoned-up white jackets with shiny brass buttons.
The clientele: decidedly mixed though relatively up-market and includes everything from architects to elderly couples to gorgeous young things with hair falling over the eyes and attitudes of privilege, or at least imminent success.
Also, the best: hamburgers in Barcelona, no bun, very rare, and served with a tray of mustards.

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